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Crystal SoundBaths

Sacred Space is the home for a set of 8 Quartz Crystal Singing bowls. Each of the bowls are tuned to a specific note that resonate with each of the 7 chakra points in the body. The vibrations created by the bowls help to soothe and align your energetic body, as well as deepen and sustain a meditative state. Select yoga classes are punctuated with the hypnotic sounds of select bowls, but we also offer a weekly Sunday Morning Soundbath which is open to members and non-members to experience the full set of bowls.  


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mini classes in our yurt start this October!

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cash only

$5-15 sliding scale drop-in

No pre-registration

All Classes are First-come-First-served



create your sacred space.

Sacred Space is a beautiful environment to capture photos.

We open up our doors to the public to reserve for private rental during the mid-day when the studio has the best light.