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The Womb Wisdom Meditations: Friday 2/22 @ 6:00p

Ashtanga Primary Series: Reconstructed | 2/24 @ 7:45A

Seasonal Element Ceremony - Air: Sunday 2/17 @ 12p

Upcoming Moon Meditation: Virgo Full Moon | 2/23 @ 7:30p

Ashtanga Primary Series: Reconstructed: 2/24 @ 7:45a


[ NEW ] 2019 CLASSES

Mondays @ 6p



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DUring the winter months, please dress warm for Yurt mini classes.

classes do not run if temperatures are below freezing.


Crystal SoundBaths

Sacred Space is the home for a set of 8 Quartz Crystal Singing bowls. Each of the bowls are tuned to a specific note that resonate with each of the 7 chakra points in the body. The vibrations created by the bowls help to soothe and align your energetic body, as well as deepen and sustain a meditative state. Select yoga classes are punctuated with the hypnotic sounds of select bowls, but we also offer a weekly Sunday Morning Soundbath which is open to members and non-members to experience the full set of bowls.  


2019 Schedule

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Create Your Sacred Space

Sacred Space is available for use during non-meditation hours. Whatever it is that you are celebrating or embracing, we work independently with you to help you make Sacred Space feel like home. To get things started, share your vision with us by filling out the form below.