Awakening to Abundance: A Multisensory Self-Love Community Healing

Awakening to Abundance: A Multisensory Self-Love Community Healing


Saturday April 27th | 4:00p-6:00p
Max: 20 | Min: 2

Ground and soften into spring with a heart-opening journey of meditation, sound therapy and hands-on alignment.
Manifesting abundance is a multidimensional endeavor. We might start with a vision board or a well-crafted intention … but we can’t stop here. Ultimately, our abundance flows most freely as we develop a deep trust in our authentic selves. To get there, we often have to peel back some pretty stubborn layers of self-doubt and resistance.
Join Rachel Lyn and Erin Anderson on an immersive journey of self-love designed to help you release barriers to abundance you might not even know you carry—so you can finally experience your unique magic more fully. 
During our 2 hours together, you will: 

  • Cultivate tools for collective (and individual) self-care. 

  • Receive hands-on energy alignments of Reiki and CranioSacral therapy for greater awareness of the present moment as you restore. 

  • Experience the powerful balancing effects of Vibrational Sound Therapy (hand-hammered Himalayan bowls played and "sung" on your physical body).

  • Begin releasing old patterns and programming via guided meditation within a safe, sacred space supported by hermetic energy grids and sound healing using crystal bowls. 


Rachel Lyn

Rachel is an integrative healing arts practitioner and advocate for empowerment by way of self-education and aligning with the rhythms of nature and our universe – our nature of earth and cosmic consciousness. She is an integrative bodyworker and intuitive healer with a strong focus on Ayurvedic self-love rituals and modern folk mysticism. Her healing sessions hold the intention of grounding and nurturance and promotion of balance of the nervous system and energetic alignment with the spirit. She holds a BA in Honors Journalism & Mass Communication from the University of Minnesota where she began adopting alternative and comprehensive wellness at the Center for Spirituality and Healing. 

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Erin Anderson
Energy Alchemist, Initiated Celtic Shaman

Erin is a metaphysician, clairvoyant, and Ritual Master of Ceremonial Magick in the ancient shamanic Lineage of King Salomon. She offers aura readings, healing sessions and workshops that empower people to understand, perceive and wield their unique spiritual gifts.  

Erin weaves threads of sacred geometry, meditation, crystal and sound therapy, qigong, reiki and hermetic wisdom into her intuitive healing sessions. She loves watching people bring their lives and their truth into focus as they commit themselves to ongoing growth and change.  

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