Awakening Womb Consciousness: A Journey into Sacred Knowing

Awakening Womb Consciousness: A Journey into Sacred Knowing


11/11 + 12/9 | 1P-3P | WOMEN ONLY
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This women’s only restorative workshop focuses on raising womb consciousness and restoring our connection to this sacred doorway between worlds. The womb is the cave of creation, and supports us on our earth journey through offering instinctual guidance, reminders, and wisdom that is the birthright of all women.
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The flow of the day will include:

>> A Ritual Blessing
>> A Guided Meditation to Connect to Womb Consciousness
>> A Cleansing Sound Bath
>> Womb Alchemy Shadow Healing to balance menstrual\cyclical Magic
>> Closing Chakra Activation and Goddess Blessing 

This workshop will be a safe, love filled space, and will respond to the needs of the women called to be there. Depending on the unique needs of attendees, we may work with the wisdom and support of the cosmic collective including: the grandmothers, Kwan Yin, Tonantzin, Auset, and White Buffalo Calf Woman. Together, will we gently release any suppression, sorrow, or energetic blocks to welcome in more wisdom, more love, and more boundless amounts of healing light.
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Light will flow in your hollowing. 
You will be filled with light. 
Your bones will shine.
The round open center of you will be radiant.

"Mother Wisdom Speak" by Christine Lore Weber
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MEET YOUR GUIDE: Shira Nevilles

Shira Nevilles is an energy worker, meditation teacher, and writer from Minneapolis. Shira comes from a long ancestral line of healers, and draws from a multi-racial lineage that is inclusive and welcoming to all manifestations of identity. Let’s light up the grid together. 

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