Calling All Oracles

Calling All Oracles



~ with Portia Richardson

Saturday May 18th

3p-6p (3 hrs)


This course has [3 FREE SCHOLARSHIPS] to attend for BIPOC, Nonbinary folx, and anyone with low-income. Please email to receive one—first come, first served.

Are you longing to develop your intuitive and psychic powers? And do you feel passionately about using these skills for healing our world? Then please join Portia Richardson in this channeling circle for beginners!

Portia will guide you through experiential practices that open your energy fields so that you may connect with multidimensional consciousness to seek guidance, heal yourself and others, manifest your dreams, and evolve towards your fullest potential.

This is a time in our history where we are being asked to step into our power as conscious energetic beings and creators. We all possess an ability to affect our world beyond our material reality. However, many of us are disconnected from our essential nature as energy receivers and transmitters. The intention of this circle is to offer you an opportunity to shift your perspective towards re-enchantment, remembrance, and reclamation of your innate channeling gifts, as well as provide you with practical skills to help you attune to subtle energies.

This circle open to all humans. No experience necessary. Please wear loose clothing that allows you to breath freely. You are welcome to bring a journal and any sacred items that will help support you.

MEET YOUR GUIDE: Portia Richardson

Portia is a holistic and interdisciplinary healer, teacher, guide, ritualist, and channel. Her medicine path is one of remembering our wholeness. She works at the intersections of embodiment, expanded consciousness, creative expression, sacred activism, ancestral connection, and cultural healing. She is a queer person, a partner and mother, an independent musician, an animist, an eclectic witch, and a bridge for the Otherworld. She works 1-on-1 with folx and holds group events through her private practice Tall Reeds Healing Arts, as well as teaches graduate courses through the Center of Spirituality and Healing at the University of Minnesota. Her mission is to heal collective trauma and dis-ease by tending to how it is showing up for each of us individually. Her practice flows from the guiding principle of as within so without, as without so within. You can connect more with Portia at

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