Create Space: High Vibe Home

Create Space: High Vibe Home


Create Space: High Vibe Home

  • Saturday April 27th

  • 1:00p-3:00p

  • 120 Minutes (2hrs)

  • $35/pp

  • All Welcome | No experience necessary

A hands-on workshop designed to look deeper into the placement of items in the home for clearer energy and optimal wellbeing support from your surroundings. We'll map out where energy may feel blocked and then chat about how to realign for manifestation and peace. Taking a deeper look into elements of energy healing, crystal therapies, altar construction and Vastu Shastra - the system and art of architecture and design similar to Feng Shui - all for intuitive development to design your own feel-good space.


Rachel Lyn Durga B.A., LMT, ABTC, RYT

Rachel is an integrative healing arts practitioner and advocate for empowerment by way of self-education and aligning with the rhythms of nature and our universe – our nature of earth and cosmic consciousness. She is an integrative bodyworker and intuitive healer with a strong focus on Ayurvedic self-love rituals and modern mysticism. Her healing sessions hold the intention of grounding and nurturance and promotion of balance of the nervous system and energetic alignment with the spirit. She holds a BA in Honors Journalism & Mass Communication from the University of Minnesota where she began adopting alternative and comprehensive wellness at the Center for Spirituality and Healing. 

Min: 2 | Max: 20

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