• Deepening Your Meditation Practice *

All Welcome
Max: 20 | Min: 2

April 21st | June 9th | August 11th

Deepening your Meditation Practice is a workshop designed to nurture and cultivate one’s ability to sit in meditation without becoming distracted, bored, or discouraged. Part dharma talk, part review of meditation basics, this workshop is for beginning and seasoned practitioners alike. This workshop will examine what makes meditation challenging, such as resistance and doubt, and how to counter those patterns through mindfulness. 

This class is meditation specific and will not incorporate movement. Students need only a yoga mat and/or bolster. 

  • This class is by-donation ($15-25)

  • Cash and all major credit cards welcome

  • Drop-In Only—No Pre-registration needed


A Word From Your Guide, Shira Nevilles:

My name is Shira Nevilles and I am a meditation teacher and energy healer focusing on women’s health in the Twin Cities. I was introduced to Buddhism and Eastern spirituality at four years old. It deeply impacted how I interacted with and understood the wildness of the world. My work focuses on holding space for others to access the teacher and healers within, and open deeper to our collective awakening.In addition to my own decades long practice, I am also certified in spirituality, health, and healing. May all beings everywhere be awakened and free.