Ashtanga Primary Series: Reconstructed

Ashtanga Primary Series: Reconstructed


Learn the sequence of the Ashtanga Primary Series in a non-traditional Ashtanga setting, taking extra time to break down the sequence, and spend extra time in some poses to facilitate a grounding and thoracic-opening approach to the poses and sequence of the primary series. 

Price: $25/pp | Pre-registration strongly recommended

(students can come to one, two or all!)

Capacity: 15 max | 4 min

Experience: 1 year minimum experience recommended, be familiar and comfortable with warriors, triangle, forward folds, bridge.

Your Instructor: 

Calley Bliss (Yoga Alliance RYT-200) teaches yoga with the approach that the science of the mind is intrinsically connected to the state of the body. Learning, and re-patterning that state is a journey of exploring our selves and our lives by way of a physical practice. The practice is always a practical tool to combat life’s challenges, and find opportunities for growth, health, and progress for your body and life. Calley’s yoga journey started innocently in 2002 at her university’s rec. center in Denton, TX. Yoga would become her most powerful and versatile implement in the “life toolbox,” helping to deal with bouts of anxiety, depression, stress, and enabling her to stop being reliant on daily medications and weekly shots for chronic allergies. As a musician and voice-over artist, she has traveled the US, UK, and the Caribbean, and worked with brands such as The Atlantic Magazine, YMCA, General Mills, New Balance, among other smaller brands and production companies. . For creative work, see

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