Cacao & Sound Alchemy

Cacao & Sound Alchemy

45.00 55.00

Join guest instructor, Maggie Taurick for an intimate evening of sharing our hearts and voices through sacred sound and ceremonial cacao, co-creating a safe space of connection and transformation. As we engage our bodies and voices in dynamic movement, mantra, and healing vibrations, we will release blockages, reclaim our power, and shift our frequencies, coming into resonance with our natural state. 

All are welcome to participate, whether or not you choose to have cacao! A full dose is not recommended for those with low blood pressure, pregnant/breastfeeding, or taking SSRI antidepressants or heart medication. If you'll be drinking cacao, please avoid eating a heavy food, using excessive stimulants, or other mind altering substances before arriving. Bring water to stay hydrated!

SATURDAY June 29th 7p-9:30p

$45 (pre-registration)

$55 at the door (priority given to those who pre-register)


Maggie Taurick is a yogini, designer, and carrier of sacred sound. She has been practicing yoga for over 13 years and is forever a student, constantly deepening her practice and exploring ways to integrate it further into her life. This exploration has led her to the unique combination of sound and cacao, which she became immersed in while living in Guatemala. With the help of these tools, she guides students to recognize the infinite wisdom within them; bringing more intention, freedom, and awareness to their daily lives.

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