Divine Masculine Gathering

Divine Masculine Gathering


Male-identifying folx only

Min: 5 | Max: 22




Join us for an afternoon of diving deep into the divine masculine energies of the mind, body and soul.

In this workshop we will move our bodies, stretch, do some yoga, free our imagination, share our truth, release our voices, write down our blood and bones, breathe through our anger, rage and sadness, draw the unknown into known, meditate, discover from the inside more of what and who we are, be utterly expressive, respect each other with honor, humor and love as brothers and individuals.

In other words, we will embody spirit.

Meet your guide: Damiian Mario Lang

Hi, my name is Damiian Mario Lang and I have taught many progressive kinesthetic creative healing workshops since 1997. I am an artist of many forms, actor, writer, painter, puppet maker, Chai crafter, a former Outward Bound School wilderness guide with male teens, and most recently twice chosen as the featured workshop leader at The North Coast Men’s Gathering in Petrolia California. My background personally and professionally is eclectic. I have lived a courageously bold and adventurous 55 years and my methods of leadership reflect this.

Damiian welcomes anyone interested in joining the gathering to connect with him directly. To reach Damiian, please call 707.296.6846.

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