Inversion Fundamentals

Inversion Fundamentals


May 5 – Introduction to Inversions and Arm Balances

There are any number of good reasons to practice inversions and arm balances.  Balance, coordination, strength.  The focus required forces the awareness to stay dialed into the present moment.  Also, let’s be honest, they look cool and make you feel like a badass.  To practice these postures safely requires a stable foundation.  Learn the fundamentals of inversions and arm balances by coming back to the basics of plank and chaturanga and a strong vinyasa flow.  We will flow through a brief vinyasa practice to warm up, then dive into the alignment and mechanics of floating forward and back and get onto our hands in bakasana.  Leave with some drills to practice to strengthen this body of work and prepare for handstands in June! 

  • Primary Focus: Plank and Chaturanga, Stepping and floating forward and back, modifications/variations

  • Inversion: Crow Pose variations

June 2 – Handstand workshop

 It seems like everybody wants to do handstand these days. So let’s do handstand.  We’ll warm the body up with a brief and powerful vinyasa flow and then get right into the groundwork for a safe and stable handstand practice.  From the ground up, from the finger tips to the soles of the feet, we will break down what it takes to turn our world upside down.  Practice a set of drills to train the body to do what it takes to get into handstand, play with supported handstand at the wall, and enjoy some assisted handstands away from the wall. Learn what you can do at home to make handstand a functional part of your asana practice. 

  • Primary Focus: hand/wrist stability, shoulder strengthening and opening, core activation

  • Inversion: Handstand

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