Practice of Mystical Union

Practice of Mystical Union


min: 3 | max: 22
Sunday 10/19 | 5p-6:30p

Exploration of light and dark for self-compassion, creativity and emotional balance

What to expect:
Union with the mystical can feel fleeting as we move through our days and personal practices. Throughout my life, I’ve experienced intense connections to the divine and then the emptiness that can follow. Whether it be during times of creativity, while in meditation and self-care practices or moments of observation. I began to study deeper practices of mindfulness and the journeys of ancient mystics to develop this offering by way of deeper healing within and balance with that which is larger than ourselves. This is an offering and conversation to look deeper into self for understanding the constantly changing environments of our inner and outer worlds.

Together we will explore foundations of self-compassion and heart opening meditations tied with gentle restorative asana and breathwork. We will look at our spaces of vulnerability and connect with what ancient mystics also experienced. Although some of the material was founded in various religions, the offering is meant for everyone. We all experience the connections of earth and cosmic consciousness and the lightness and weight that can come on this journey.

Meet your guide, Rachel Lyn:

An artist and integrative Healing Practitioner, Rachel Lyn - B.A., LMT, ABTC, RYT - offers individual sessions the alchemize the modalities of Ayurvedic bodywork, craniosacral therapy, guided visualization, vital energy point therapy, crystal healing and herbalism from her Victorian meets bohemian work/live space in the Seward neighborhood, Minneapolis. Intention is held for vibrational alignment with one’s inner sweetness and power. Allowing the edges of mind to be honored and only what is desired to melt away by clearing lymphatic and neurological toxins. Guided visualization integrates greater depths being and blending aspects of oneself while staying grounded. Sessions also focus on clearing of undesirable energies and brightening aura though deep relaxation and release.

Rachel an advocate for following your heart and empowering self-development through nature and the creative process. She holds a BA in Honors Journalism & Mass Communication from the University of Minnesota where she began adopting alternative and comprehensive wellness at the Center for Spirituality and Healing. Her practice includes integrative healing sessions for vibrational alignment and the art of self-healing. She offers classes in visualization and self-care education for conscious-community gatherings across the country.

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