Sacred Gong Bath

Sacred Gong Bath


Come and experience the healing power of the gong at this special event. You’ll be guided through a short Kundalini yoga set designed to clear and balance the energy centers and gently tap into the Kundalini energy. You’ll then be invited to relax comfortably on your back or remain seated for an extended immersion into the soundscape of the gong. Please bring any blankets, pillows or props that will help you to deeply relax into this luxurious healing slumber. Your body knows how to heal itself, this evening you can relax and allow it to happen. 

The Gong is the universal sound, it is the source of all sounds.

It is a sacred tool of the yogis.

The sound will penetrate every cell and fiber of your being. It has the capacity to bring you to a place where profound healing can happen. By putting pressure on the nervous system it begins to adjust and heal. The mind has no defense from the vibration, the mind gives up it’s grip that holds onto fears and past traumas. The sound will release you, awaken the intuition and send you to ride the infinite in spontaneous meditation, to experience awareness of all the energy centers, connecting with prana and regenerating the nervous system. 


Min: 5 | Max: 25

Meet your guide: Courtney Sukhtej 

When Courtney walked into her first Kundalini Yoga class, she felt like she’d arrived home. This style of yoga uses movement, breath, mudra, mantra and meditation to tap into our deepest awareness. Through a regular practice of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®, Courtney has experienced profound healing, mindfulness and self-awareness. She is passionate about sharing the numerous benefits of this “Yoga of Awareness” with others. She delivers her classes in a loving, straightforward fashion and encourages students to go within to find their own inner “guru”. Using the tools of Kundalini Yoga, limiting beliefs are replaced with empowering truths and strengthened confidence. Students are able to release thoughts and emotions that are not serving their highest interest. “I love to see the incredible shifts that people make during class. This is the time we take for ourselves to really listen to our soul.”

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