Wheel of the Year Ceremonies

Wheel of the Year Ceremonies




Thursday October 31st


What to expect:

Let’s dive deep into the magic of the night.

Embrace your inner witch/mystic/ spirit self and come join as we create a sacred circle to harvest the power of this time… Halloween, otherwise known as All Hallows’ Eve, or Samhain, marks the end of the harvest season, the journey into the darker lunar months, and the thinning veil between this world and the spirit world. This is a time to connect with the magic within you, engage in self-reflections, shed excess solar energy. A time to honor the dead through ancestors that have passed, or the changing of nature. Together, we will participate in circle casting, divination, meditation, spell/intention writing, and other magical rituals.

Feel free to bring your own divination or meditation tools. Please also bring a photo of a deceased loved one, if comfortable, so that we can place this on the altar (you will get the photo back at the end of the night).

Meet your guide, Julia Fox:

I am a certified yoga instructor RYT 200, and Licensed Psychotherapist, MA LPCC. I have experience leading a variety of yoga classes, meditations, and mind/body therapy sessions. One my greatest passions is teaching and connecting with groups of people on a deep spiritual level. I spend most of my time reading, studying religion and culture, using divination tools (i.e. Tarot), and connecting with nature. Traditional witchcraft, paganism, and earth medicine is a part of my practice, and I strive to bring elements of these aspects into my teachings. I believe that everyone has a unique soul path and I love assisting and guiding others on that spiritual journey. 

Ceremony Minimum: 3 | Maximum: 25

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