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Metacine: Blossom (75min)

What to expect: 

A 3 person collaboration designed to amplify the healing benefits of yoga, plants, and music. The class includes a short discussion about the featured tea/tincture (selected by season), as well as a gentle flow + yin yoga class. Soothing music will be offered throughout the hour long yoga practice to provide a healing soundscape for all participants.


Rose - loaded with anti-oxidants, soothes skin, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, tonifying, aids in variety of menstrual issues, boosts immunity, aids in both constipation and diarrhea, detoxifying, balancing stress & emotional hormones, etc.


Amanda - Yoga Teacher

I use science and magic to live deliciously, and I help others do the same. My researched-based approach to mindfulness is ignited by intuition, love, and a deep reverence for the unknown. Through workshops, yoga, coaching, and writing, I offer experiences and education for people to access more ease and alignment in their every day life.

Lauren of Amitiel ("Ah-meetyel") - musician

Movement of the Dawn, Album

Movement of the Dawn is the culmination of influences and experiences that over the past 5 years, inspired my own healing and reconnection to life. With gratitude and respect for indigenous teachers and leaders who teach how to live harmoniously with the earth, Movement of the Dawn is a thank you to those teachers and an ode to the masterful architecture of life and the grace that holds it unconditionally.

Sharri - Herbalist:

Inspired by the forever changing seasons of our lives and this beautiful planet, Terra Sura means "Mother Earth" and "new leaf". The Terra Sura Foraging Blog explores midwest plants, herbal remedies, foraging, plant identification and recipes, as well as highlights of local and global social movements in honor of Mother Earth.

Earlier Event: June 13
Rest & Relax (60min)