kawsay :: (n) Life force, energy that animates the universe.

Much like chi, kawsay permeates all things in the living universe. Kawsay feels warm dense, and magnetic, and is comparable to gravitational energy in that its essence draws you to the Earth. It is used to heal physical illnesses as well as material conditions in one's life. Maintaining an energy body replete with kawsay is deemed indispensable in shamanic preventive medicine. (v) To live.

All sessions take place in Sacred Space’s on-property Yurt.


Private Session Availability









Meet Your Guide:

~ Victoria Blackbird

Zodiac Sign: Libra
Sacred Tools: Palo Santo, Light Language and Prana

A bit about Victoria:
Victoria has completed the 300hr Shamanic Energy Medicine Program at the Light Body School though The Four Winds Society. She shares an energetic lineage with the Q'ero, Inca Shamans of Peru, a carrier of the Munay-Ki stewardship rites and The Rite of the Womb.

  • Kawsay Reading (60-75min) *

    one-on-one healing experience beginning with an intuitive luminous energy field reading followed by energy balancing, crystal healing, and light language to cleanse, bless and protect. A stone or crystal may be prescribed for you at the appointment with spiritual homework. People seeking clarity, or feeling stuck are drawn to this offering. Most come twice a month.


  • Couples Kawsay Reading (75-90 min) *

    healing ceremony for the relationship in a private setting that aims help people reconnect to their relationship and find a greater sense of themselves within it. The intimate reading explores both the collective energy of the couples as well as the individual luminous energy fields.


  • K’anchay Package (6 months) *

includes // six one-on-one Kawsay Readings / two moon ceremonies (full and new) / one healing bundle of your choice / one bespoke medicine bundle / one personal space assessment and clearing. Recommended for a six month period of immersive healing work.