[ M E D I T A T I O N ]


Inhale: trust

Exhale: Fear





“DAYBREAK” Sunrise Ritual | 75min

  • Blends: Yoga, Meditation & Energy Work

DESCRIPTION: Our daily Sunrise Ritual offers a consistent and familiar way to begin the day. This ritual aims to prepare your being to move throughout your day at your most balanced and connective state.



Morning Practice | 60min

  • Blends: Yoga & Meditation

DESCRIPTION:An all-levels yoga practice formulated to awaken the physical and mental bodies to invoke a sense of union and wholeness.



Midday Practice | 45min

  • Blends: Energy Work & Meditation

DESCRIPTION:An all-levels experience that bonds Energy Work with Meditation. Our Midday Practice is Formulated to help you pause and reconnect back to Self.



Afternoon Practice | 45min

  • Blends: Yoga & Meditation

  • DESCRIPTION: An all-levels experience that bonds Yoga with Meditation. Our Afternoon Practice is formulated to help you gently re-focus your mind, and re-set your body.



“NIGHTFALL” Sundown RituaL | 75min

  • Blends: Yoga, Meditation & Energy Work

DESCRIPTION: Our daily Sundown Ritual offers a consistent and familiar way to unwind the day. This ritual aims to direct your awareness towards gratitude for your waking hours, and help ease you back into the cycle of dreamtime.

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New To Sacred?

Here are a few things You might be wondering:

  1. Just show up! You don’t have to sign up ahead of time—all classes are first-come-first-served

  2. All of our daily classes are on sliding-scale drop-in (meaning you pay what you want between $10-25)

  3. We accept cash and all major credit cards (just no checks)

  4. All classes listed on our “daily Schedule” are included in memberships

  5. Doors open 20-30minutes prior to Scheduled class start-time.

  6. If it’s your first visit, arrive 10-15 minutes early to fill out paperwork

  7. Shoes are removed at the door, and you are welcome to store your belongings in cubbies.

  8. Phones must be turned off or to airplane mode during all classes

  9. Bring your own yoga mat (or We have mats available to rent for $1)

  10. kids under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.


becoming a member at sacred space makes you an official

space cadet.