New Moon | Pisces | March 9th

New Moon | Pisces | March 9th


New Moon


March 9th




Moon Meditations are celebrated on, or near the New and Full Moon of each month. Sacred Space works with some of the Twin Cities' most inspired instructors to create a unique experience to help you tap into the potent lunar energies of these peak times of the month. Each event is entirely unique and are effortlessly harmonic with the rhythms of the cosmic thread. 

*NEW FOR 2019*

Crystals + Elixir Pairings

A specific crystal and elixir will be chosen for the evening to help support and heighten your experience. Crystals are for you to take home and infuse into your practice, elixirs are always dairy-free and are to be enjoyed during the session. (please note: you must pre-register to be guaranteed a crystal & elixir).

CRYSTAL: Moonstone

A gem for intuition, balance, and wishes, Moonstone helps harbor our feminine side. It can aid in distinguishing what is merely needed in life versus what is wanted. As you wear your Moonstone on a regular basis, you will start to realize the negative energies that play in the grand scheme of your being and eventually learn to heal yourself. If the gem is clearer then it will host a more colorful luster and have stronger healing powers. Aside from being a stone of protection for traveling at night, voyaging at sea, childbirth, and pregnancy, it also cleanses the digestive system and cures obesity, water retention, and menstrual problems. Linked with the crown, third eye, and heart chakras, Moonstone calms and relieves stress while releasing love of all kinds.

ELIXIR: Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is one of the most ancient medical herbs known to mankind. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, it was used by the Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians as a liniment for wounds to expedite healing. In many studies, this beloved tea has been linked to calm muscle spasms, prevent bacterial viruses, and cure cuts and burns. It is most widely known for it's ability to help facilitate deep, quality sleep (which is one of Pisces' most favorite things).

GUIDED BY: Melissa Chapman

What to expect: Yoga Nidra & Sacred Seed Planting to celebrate the coming of Spring. Class will also include a brief  writing/drawing exercise to help tune into dreams & intentions.

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