An Ostara Ritual & The Spring Equinox

An Ostara Ritual & The Spring Equinox


March 23rd
Min: 3 | Max: 20

Join together for a ritual to welcome the Spring and celebrate the Wheel of the Year festival - Ostara and the Spring Equinox. This is a time of a year that is symbolized by growth, abundance, fertility, and renewal. This is also a very important time to honor the idea of balance and change, which can be a struggle for a lot of us. Together, as a community and sacred circle, we will engage in deep reflection and spiritual work to allow us to connect with the teachings of this time of year, the light, and the earth. As a group, let us honor and show gratitude for abundance and earthly offerings of the year to come. 

Come prepared to dive into meditation, circle casting, spring rituals, and other celebrations of the year. 

**This ritual will also place a large emphasis on tarot and divination as we invite and welcome an experienced tarot reader, Abigail Bialk, to offer individualized and group readings/insight during the event. 

(Abigail Bialk is a tarot reader and spiritual counselor. She founded Of Eir, an online space rooted in compassion that helps individuals navigate their own unique metamorphosis. She uses the tarot and astrology to help connect and provide deeper insights for her clients. And she finds her own grounding in nature, amongst the trees.)

What to bring: comfy clothes, divination tools (optional), anything from your Ostara/Spring altar if you have one, journal, and a pen & paper. 


I am a certified yoga instructor RYT 200, and Licensed Psychotherapist, MA LPCC. I have experience leading a variety of yoga classes, meditations, and mind/body therapy sessions. One my greatest passions is teaching and connecting with groups of people on a deep spiritual level. I spend most of my time reading, studying religion and culture, using divination tools (i.e. Tarot), and connecting with nature. Traditional witchcraft, paganism, and earth medicine is a part of my practice, and I strive to bring elements of these aspects into my teachings. I believe that everyone has a unique soul path and I love assisting and guiding others on that spiritual journey. 

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