Reiki is a Japanese form of energy work that connects what you view as your Higher Power ("Rei") with your own life force energy ("KI" or "CHI"). In return, bringing you a sense of calm and connection. When you open yourself to this work, you open your entire being to any and all healing intended in that moment. 


30min Private Reiki Session|$45

Delve deeper into yourself with 30 minutes of individualized Reiki healing. Private Reiki Sessions take place in Sacred Space's on-site Yurt. Enjoy your session in this cozy womb-like healing cove.

60min Private Reiki Session|$75

Enjoy a full 60 minutes of Reiki healing in our on-site Yurt. Sink into your self and have an opportunity to reflect on your healing in a private, cozy setting. 


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5 Reiki Principles

Kyo dake wa, (For today only)

Okoru na, (Do not get angry)

Shinpai suna, (Do not worry)

Kansha shite, (Be grateful)

Gyo hage me, (Work hard)

Hito ni shinsetsu ni. (Be kind to others)



Meet Your Guide:

~Ashley Carlson

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Sacred Tools: oracle cards, pendulum and palo santo

A word from Ashley:

Ashley carlson received her 200hr yoga certification through Yoga North in 2015. She received her Reiki I & II attunements through Devanadi School of Yoga and Wellness in 2017. Ashley believes we each have our own way to practice, to connect, and heal ourselves. The more we tap into our own individual gifts, the more connected we can become. She believes in holding space so others can discover and create the sacred space within themselves.