Sacred Space's Teaching Apprenticeship is an opportunity for new and first time instructors to gain supportive, hands-on experience to become more comfortable teaching in a real yoga studio environment. 

  • Duration: Apprenticeships run for 15-17 weeks (September-December) 

  • Commitment: 1 class/week 

  • Compensation: 1 contact hour a week with our teaching staff to review progress and offer support. Unlimited Yoga Membership.

  • Post-Apprenticeship Incentive: select classes will available to interested and engaged teachers who wish to find a permanent spot on Sacred Space's Teaching team. 

  • Requirements: All applicants must fill out the below application and provide proof of 200+HR Yoga Teacher Training Certificate + Proof of liability insurance 

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Please write a brief description of your current teaching experience and/or training background.
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Our Fall/Winter Apprenticeship classes are offered at 12:00p-12:45p. Classes run for approximately 45minutes and are a mild, all-levels class that blends soft flow and gentle restorative. Please check all that apply:
If there are other times of day, or days of the week that you are interested in teaching, please let us know the style(s), time(s) and day(s) below!
Additional Requirements *
#1 - To be considered for the Sacred Space Apprenticeship, you must provide proof of 200+ Hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate and current liability insurance. These should be emailed to after you submit your application. #2 - If you need additional time to acquire these documents, please follow up with an email to hello@sacredspacemn. com indicating your circumstances. #3 - Please include "Sacred Space Apprenticeship Submission" in the subject line. #4 - Applicants who receive a call-back will be required to do a 20-30minute teaching audition at Sacred Space to our team of instructors.