Sacred Tools: Energy Work Training Level I 

Have you ever wondered what it means to “do reiki”?

Or wondered how it feels to play a crystal singing bowl?

Do you walk around with crystals in your pockets?

Or want to know tips on how to balance your root chakra?

In this training, we will delve into four corners of Energy Work: Reiki, Sound Healing, Crystals, and Chakras. The training will consist of 8 hours of class time split between two days where Students will have a combination of focused lecture, inspired practice, and hands-on application of these ancient spiritual tools. This course is designed for students new to these modalities and acts as a great addition to any existing yoga, reiki, massage or healing certification. 


January 4th-5th

Saturday: 11a-3p (4hrs)

Sunday: 10a-2p (4hrs)


May 2nd-3rd

Saturday: 11a-3p (4hrs)

Sunday: 10a-2p (4hrs)


September 5th-6th

Saturday: 11a-3p (4hrs)

Sunday: 10a-2p (4hrs)

What To Expect:

>> Introduction to Energy Healing
>> What is Reiki?/Reiki I Hand Postures
>> Introduction to Chakras
>> Charka Meditation
>> Reiki I Attunements
>> Reflection/Grounding Exercise 


>> Soundbath Meditation
>> How Sound Healing Works
>> Introduction to Crystals
>> Crystal cleansing + charging (meditation)
>> Ethics + Awareness
>> Group Soundbath 


1. Reiki I Attunement

2. Your Own Pendulum + Palo Santo Smudge Stick

3. Chakra + Crystal Guide

4. Personalized Chakra Meditation


Payment plan options available. Email for details.

Maximum: 10 students,  Minimum: 3 students

Sacred Tools is soulfully created & guided by Sacred Space’s owner/founder, Caitlin Gottschalk (right) and Reiki Master, Ashley Carlson (left).