Sonic Clearing + Energy Spa

Sonic Clearing + Energy Spa


Sonic Clearing & Energy Spa | 6p-8p

***Special [ NEW YEARS DAY ] Event & SALE!***

6p-8p | All Welcome

$10/pp (pre-register and get a FREE crystal)

Join Caitlin and Ashley for an evening to re-set and re-tune your energetic being as we embark on another year around the sun.
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Sacred Space's doors will be open from 6p-8p on New Years day for you to stop in to experience a variety of sacred tools, energy healing and sound clearing with 8 Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, sacred drum and rattle. You can choose to engage with:

  • Sound Healing (every 15minutes in the main studio with Caitlin)

  • Reiki (personal 5 minute sessions in the on-property Yurt with Ashley)

  • Crystal Healing (try out some crystals from our crystal bar)

  • Sacred Smoke Cleansing (every 15minutes in the main studio with Caitlin)

  • Tarot/Oracle Cards (intuitively select from our in-studio decks)

    You can partake in any or all of the offerings for as long or as little as you like. Tickets for the evening are $10 and include 25% OFF on all Sacred Tools & Retail.

    Pre-register and get a FREE crystal!

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