Private Soundbath

  • 30 MINUTES $175 (up to 10 people)

  • 60 MINUTES $250 (up to 10 people)

An intimate soundhealing session with one or more of your favorite humans. Complete with cozy restorative yoga (if you’d like) to warm and comfort the body before meditation. Sessions take place in our main studio.

Private Session Availability


[ 11:30A ]

[ 1:00P ]

[ 2:30P ]


Meet Your Guide:

~ Caitlin Gottschalk

ZODIAC SIGN:  Sagittarius

SACRED TOOLS: Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls & healing stones.

A word from Cait:

Cait is the founder and gentle keeper of Sacred Space. Cait has found that the most surprising thing about the unfolding of her journey is that it feels like coming home—like remembering. She created Sacred Space for you to bring your spirit home to, and remember your divine connection.

Growing up as an only-child with a single mum, deep in the woods of the Kinnickinnic State Park in Wisconsin, Cait was emboldened with a rich appreciation for solitude. To this day, she always feels the most connected to spirit when she gets to quietly work her hands and slow down enough to tend to the finer details that usually go unnoticed. Creating divine spaces, elevated experiences and unforgettable moments for others brings her the most joy. She gets lost in playing with sounds and composing original music, and recharges by connecting her feet directly with Mama Earth, searching for stones, and soaking in life through all (six) senses.

Cait holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion & Textile Design in addition to 250hr Yoga Certification. She shares and practices Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Sacred Geometry, Sound Healing, Earth Medicine, altar-building, Astrology, and Reiki.

The one thing Cait hopes those who cross her path walk away with is this:

Lead with your heart, act with integrity, speak with truth, listen widely, be still often.


Looking for an Off-Site Soundbath? Caitlin Does that too!

Tell us a bit more about who you are, where you’d like the session to take place, when and group size!

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