Special Offerings - Week of August 26th

[Friday, August 30th]

Grief is one of the most transformative processes life offers us. Whether the grief is new and visceral, old and aching, or the product of ancestral trauma, grief is a powerful experience full of lessons. This gathering will welcome the healing elements of grief, and help us open to the amalgam of emotions that can accompany this process.

This experience is open to all female identified humans, and will employ female-centric ritual and ceremony to facilitate the releasing and healing of deeply embedded grief.

This is a meditative class and will employ little movement. All students need are a yoga mat and\or bolster.


MEET YOUR GUIDE: Shira Nevilles

Shira Nevilles is an energy worker, meditation teacher, and writer from Minneapolis. Shira comes from a long ancestral line of healers, and draws from a multi-racial lineage that is inclusive and welcoming to all manifestations of identity. Let’s light up the grid together.

*By Donation* [$15-25]
[Friday August 30th]

Join Yoga Instructor Ashley Carlson and Local Musician Ian Crawford for a restorative evening practice combined with acoustic live music. Move and stretch with the music, beginning your weekend with sweet sounds and intention. Class will consist of somatic work, a gentle flow, and restorative postures. Open to all bodies.

*cash donations accepted, but not required.*
[Saturday, August 31st]

Let's call the rain.

It can be easy to feel helpless in times like these. But remember the power of intention, and the capacity your individual has for healing and alchemy.

your energy is needed.

Gather with us for a collective blessing to call in rain and healing for the Amazon Rainforest. The practice will begin with a water blessing where all participants will infuse a cup of water with intention and prayer for the land and people of the Amazon.

Sacred Space's owner, Cait will guide a soundbath to intensify intentions and help realign your own energetic being to the highest frequency.

After the blessing, participants will combine their water into one communal bowl and this water will be returned to the Mississippi River to be recycled back into the ecosystem and sent to the area of the planet in need.

please join us. all welcome.

[Saturday August 31st]


Moon Meditations are celebrated on, or near the New and Full Moon of each month. Sacred Space works with some of the Twin Cities' most inspired instructors to create a unique experience to help you tap into the potent lunar energies of these peak times of the month. Each event is entirely unique and are effortlessly harmonic with the rhythms of the cosmic thread.