Special Offerings - Week of August 5th

WEEK 5: Saturday August 10th

Explore 75 minutes of restorative yoga through each of the 5 vayus: Prana, Samana, Vyana, Udana and Apana. Vayu translates literally to "winds or currents" of the body. These five vayus or "currents," govern different areas of the body, as well as, different physical and subtle activities. Each week we will focus on one vayu and pair it with breath, ritual, restorative postures, mudras and guided nidra. Get ready to dive deep and find the pure bliss of effortlessness.


Ground and soften into spring with a heart-opening journey of meditation, sound therapy and hands-on alignment. Manifesting abundance is a multidimensional endeavor. We might start with a vision board or a well-crafted intention … but we can’t stop here. Ultimately, our abundance flows most freely as we develop a deep trust in our authentic selves. To get there, we often have to peel back some pretty stubborn layers of self-doubt and resistance.

Join Rachel Lyn and Erin Anderson on an immersive journey of self-love designed to help you release barriers to abundance you might not even know you carry—so you can finally experience your unique magic more fully.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 11TH | 12-1:30P
**This class is donation-based ($15-$25)**

Deepening your Meditation Practice is a workshop designed to nurture and cultivate one’s ability to sit in meditation without becoming distracted, bored, or discouraged. Part dharma talk, part review of meditation basics, this workshop is for beginning and seasoned practitioners alike. This workshop will examine what makes meditation challenging, such as resistance and doubt, and how to counter those patterns through mindfulness.