Special Offerings - Week of July 1st


FRIDAY, JUly 5th 6P-7:30P

Come and experience the healing power of the gong at this special event. You’ll be guided through a short Kundalini yoga set designed to clear and balance the energy centers and gently tap into the Kundalini energy. You’ll then be invited to relax comfortably on your back or remain seated for an extended immersion into the soundscape of the gong. Please bring any blankets, pillows or props that will help you to deeply relax into this luxurious healing slumber. Your body knows how to heal itself, this evening you can relax and allow it to happen.  

Saturday, July 6th 11a-12P

Discover or deepen your relationship with your Divine Parents through the flow of unconditional love from them during this unique guided meditation with blessings. The spiritual technology of the Oneness Blessing quiets the mind and raises consciousness through a neuro-biological shift; allowing for one to be in an open place to connect and receive insights directly from your Higher-Self. 

SATURDAY July 6th 12:30p-1:30p

During this journey you will be guided within to connect with an Ancient lineage of builders who laid much of the foundation upon which you now walk. These special guides will share their gifts and insights with you in a deeply personal way. Tap into your strength and endurance during this journey. Experience traveling to a world within your heart where spirit animals, guides and ancestors are ready to share insights and messages with you. Participants will learn about Shamanic Journeying and how it can be used as a spiritual technology for growth, healing, and connecting, as well as have their own unique journeying experience. Each session is lead by experienced Shamans who create a deeply sacred space where limitless growth and expansion is available.

$35/pp || $150 for All 5
WEEK 1: Saturday July 6th
WEEK 2: Saturday July 13th

[NO CLASS 7/20]

WEEK 3: Saturday July 27th
WEEK 4: Saturday August 3rd
WEEK 5: Saturday August 10th

** students may attend one or multiple sessions **

Explore 75 minutes of restorative yoga through each of the 5 vayus: Prana, Samana, Vyana, Udana and Apana. Vayu translates literally to "winds or currents" of the body. These five vayus or "currents," govern different areas of the body, as well as, different physical and subtle activities. Each week we will focus on one vayu and pair it with breath, ritual, restorative postures, mudras and guided nidra. Get ready to dive deep and find the pure bliss of effortlessness.

SunDAY July 7th 12p-2p

It seems like everybody wants to do handstand these days. So let’s do handstand. We’ll warm the body up with a brief and powerful vinyasa flow and then get right into the groundwork for a safe and stable handstand practice. From the ground up, from the finger tips to the soles of the feet, we will break down what it takes to turn our world upside down. Practice a set of drills to train the body to do what it takes to get into handstand, play with supported handstand at the wall, and enjoy some assisted handstands away from the wall. Learn what you can do at home to make handstand a functional part of your asana practice.