Special Offerings - Week of July 29th

FRIDAY, AUG 2nd | 6:30P-7:30P

Come and experience the healing power of the gong at this special event. You’ll be guided through a short Kundalini yoga set designed to clear and balance the energy centers and gently tap into the Kundalini energy. You’ll then be invited to relax comfortably on your back or remain seated for an extended immersion into the soundscape of the gong. Please bring any blankets, pillows or props that will help you to deeply relax into this luxurious healing slumber. Your body knows how to heal itself, this evening you can relax and allow it to happen.  


A workshop to explore deeper into daily Ayurvedic self-care rituals for wellbeing and intuitive development for mind, body and spirit. Considering the elements of earth and the cosmos and how they connect to our consciousness. Truly an offering on the art of transformation for deep peace and greater understanding of self and life.


WEEK 4: Saturday August 3rd
WEEK 5: Saturday August 10th

** students may attend one or multiple sessions **

Explore 75 minutes of restorative yoga through each of the 5 vayus: Prana, Samana, Vyana, Udana and Apana. Vayu translates literally to "winds or currents" of the body. These five vayus or "currents," govern different areas of the body, as well as, different physical and subtle activities. Each week we will focus on one vayu and pair it with breath, ritual, restorative postures, mudras and guided nidra. Get ready to dive deep and find the pure bliss of effortlessness.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 3rd | 7:30-8:45pm


Moon Meditations are celebrated on, or near the New and Full Moon of each month. Sacred Space works with some of the Twin Cities' most inspired instructors to create a unique experience to help you tap into the potent lunar energies of these peak times of the month. Each event is entirely unique and are effortlessly harmonic with the rhythms of the cosmic thread.