Special Offerings - Week of July 8th


FRIDAY, JULY 12th 6:30P-7:30P

During this Crystal Healing Class you will experience a customized crystal healing with a crystal grid set up in the room, as well as on and around each individual participant. Your instructors will be guided to which crystals want to work with you at each event, so each monthly experience will be unique and customized. You will be guided to a deep state of relaxation where healing, release and restoration occur both consciously and unconsciously.

During this monthly series you will learn about different types of crystals and their uses, especially as they pertain to self healing. While relaxing on your yoga mat you will receive a gentle guided meditation and light filled energy healing. You will also receive specialized crystal healing techniques and have your own unique experience as provided by healers and massage therapists Ian & Leah Somerville.  

$70/pp when you buy 2 tickets using code BETTERTOGETHER
SAT. JULY 13th 12P-1:15P


Crystal Healing Sessions are the way to make your self-care sacred. These unique sessions are a hybrid of Quartz Crystal Soundbath and individual Reiki Healing. Each gathering consists of 45-90 minutes of cozy meditation to the hypnotic hum of 7 Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls. While you swim in the vibrations, you will receive Reiki Healing to deepen your session. Treat yourself to the stillness and bliss you yearn for.

WEEK 2: Saturday July 13th

[NO CLASS 7/20]

WEEK 3: Saturday July 27th
WEEK 4: Saturday August 3rd
WEEK 5: Saturday August 10th

** students may attend one or multiple sessions **

Explore 75 minutes of restorative yoga through each of the 5 vayus: Prana, Samana, Vyana, Udana and Apana. Vayu translates literally to "winds or currents" of the body. These five vayus or "currents," govern different areas of the body, as well as, different physical and subtle activities. Each week we will focus on one vayu and pair it with breath, ritual, restorative postures, mudras and guided nidra. Get ready to dive deep and find the pure bliss of effortlessness.

FREE for Sacred Space Members
SUN. JULY 14th 12p-1:15p

Strengthen and fortify your practice with this 75minute clinic designed to de-bunk, de-mystify, and deconstruct common yoga poses and postures. Each month we will focus on a different category of poses and you will learn from a variety of different instructors and backgrounds to get all of your questions answered!
This clinic is $10 CASH-ONLY drop-in (free for members). We do not require registration for this class so just show up ready to learn!.