Altar Reset: October Full Moon in Aries

This months full moon altar is invoking the playful paradigm. It’s encouraging us to play with the unexpected and entertain asymmetry. It is asking us to use uncertainty as an excuse to be the eternal student. This altar is working with the classic archetypal energy of ‘The Fool’.


Citrine for fortifying identity, uncovering gifts and letting go of stagnant matter.


Strawberry quartz to call in sweetness of the heart and conscience.


Selenite to facilitate drawing out physical, mental, emotional and astral toxins.




Protea for change, transformation, courage & diversity


Feather Reed Grass—a Celtic symbol of connectivity, networking, provision, purpose & protection.


 Strawflower—a flower of everlasting legacy and immortality

Come in and experience it for yourself! She will be up offering her magic and medicine for 2 weeks until the Scorpio New Moon!