"On the Other Side of Something" by Caitlin Gottschalk

Sometimes when I meditate I see symbols. They are usually strange but I try to take them seriously and consider why they are showing themselves. This one came to me this morning down by the river. After I came back to 3D, I drew the symbol in the sand and I studied it and listened to what its story was.

I had a similar conversation a few times in the last month with different people all on this collective feeling of tumbling out and tearing away from an old story, and being jumpstarted into a new one. The feeling of being on the precipice of whatever is up next, but still stuck in the crux betwixt two chapters: the one behind us is complete, the one ahead, still veiled and unwritten.

We can see the raw detail of the old chapter—the nuances and intricacies that we took so long to develop. We can itemize the mistakes. Catalog triumphs. Remember levity. And the density. Revel in our moments of wisdom. And forgive our moments of naïveté. All that crystallized information has it’s comfort. But that’s only half of the whole we are in search of.

The common thread to these conversations was feeling that the shedding of the old had total certainty fueling it. Trust and leaping in faith wasn’t the question. Moving into the unknown wasn’t the problem...we all knew that we needed to.

Photo captured by Caitlin Gottschalk

Photo captured by Caitlin Gottschalk


The more accurate lesson of this cycle seemed to be in the quest to hold the light and the dark at the same time. The past and the future. The formed and the formless. The want and the need. The known and the unknown. The truth and the paradox.

This little symbol is all of this. The crescent moon is the finished chapter—The past is stoically in our shadow, holding us up from below with all her experience and pain. She is complete. A story to only be retold.

But all the while we are still winding inward, coming closer and closer to our own center. Our soul-purpose behind it all. The spiral is this—you: the observer—standing in the threshold of before and after.

But from this trusting and waiting we begin to pull our spirits taught like a arrow against a bow, aiming in preparation to propel us into what is next. Our future is this arrow, acting as our consciences’ compass; illuminating the new path we must begin in the dark.

It feels unformed because it hasn’t yet become.

It’s left undefined because it’s bigger than definition.

The well feels empty now because it’s preparing to be refilled.

The only certainty we can expect from this cosmic level-up is mystery, and the promise of a more expansive canvas to paint our next war story.


Caitlin Gottschalk

CRYSTAL OF THE MOMENT: Lemurian Seed Quartz

SUN SIGN: Sagittarius




Cait is the founder and gentle keeper of Sacred Space. Cait has found that the most surprising thing about the unfolding of her journey is that it feels like coming home—like remembering. She created Sacred Space for you to bring your spirit home to, and remember your divine connection.

The one thing Cait hopes those who cross her path walk away with is this:Lead with your heart, act with integrity, speak with truth, listen widely, be still often.

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Photos Captured by Jenna Dailey