“A Spring Inquiry” 'by Emily Rose Duea


A Spring Inquiry by Emily Rose Duea is a submission for our “We Are Made of Stardust” series and featured in our May 2019 Print Issue of “The Starseed’S Almanac”.


Photo Captured by  Jenna Dailey

Photo Captured by Jenna Dailey

I sit in a coffee shop as rain drips down the window and lands on a pile of snow, the wet permeates the white and brown clump and begins to break it down. I imagine I can actually see the snow melting as I sit here. I’m not sure if that’s actually true, or just wishful thinking. 

There are many times we think we see things changing and shifting when really it’s just more of the same. More often we think things are stagnant when actually there is a wave of revolution just below the surface. That’s what I love about spring- our transformation percolates and all are swept up in newness. 

I’d be lying if I said I was feeling fresh and new like spring. If anything, I’m the mud coagulating underneath the last sheets of ice- you know the ones. But what that means is I am soil- where growth will happen. I know it’s on it’s way, I’ve felt the breeze, I’ve seen the blue skies. Yesterday the sun shone so brightly that my skin puckered in the warmth. I hope yours did too. 

Do you feel this? Have you exited your cocoon? Have you reconnected with that which has been dormant and cold for months? Have you felt things coming back to life? Nature is waiting to embrace you again.

Photo Captured by Matt Montgomery

Photo Captured by Matt Montgomery

Nature isn’t just out there- it’s not something you go to to visit and then take a souvenir home with you to remind you of that time you were outside. You are nature. Your inner landscape is just as beautiful as a spring day, your growth just as methodical as a tree, your blossoming as gentle and beautiful as a tulip. Do not separate yourself from nature, as it is all around and all within you. Breath air into your lungs, feel a confident fire in your belly, you are a gift to the earth and the earth wants to return the favor. Do you feel it?

So how can you embrace yourself at this time? Can you be in community, commit to personal growth through yoga or meditation or bodywork/energy-work, journaling? Can you embrace your body physically, mentally, emotionally? Can you sit with the muddy and messy parts of you, and be patient with whatever chooses to germinate? 

Can you sit in a coffee shop and watch rain fall on snow banks? Let’s.

- Meet the author -

Emily Rose Duea (“Emily Rose”, yes it’s both!)

Crystal of the moment: Green Jasper

Sun Sign: Virgo

Favorite gift to give: Thai Bodywork

Favorite gift to receive: Books!


After stepping onto the mat in 2004, Emily Rose has been no stranger to the mentally, physically, and spiritually healing powers of yoga. Emily Rose has shared her love of teaching yoga internationally in China, France, Senegal, and Italy. She is thrilled to be back in the Minnesota Yoga community and is ready to share intuitive and fun classes with her students. When not climbing or with her nose in a book, Emily Rose loves going to coffee shops and doing theatre around the twin cities. Emily Rose is so thankful to all of her teachers from Power Yoga (1 and 2), Yin Yoga (1 and 2), Yoga Sculpt, Chair Yoga, Kid's Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Thai Yoga Bodywork Teacher Trainings and every student she meets who encourages her to keep learning. Emily Rose is the owner and founder of Mesic Movement--learn more about her offerings here.

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Photos Captured by Jenna Dailey