"Light & Dark: Experience The Balance" by Rachel Lyn Durga

As we move through the autumnal equinox, our entire being begins to feel the shift in mind, body and spirit. I've found this not only with my clients over the years but also within myself. Equal aspects of light and dark come forward as we begin to move into a greater amount of darkness. The shadow aspects of Self, or rather the spaces within us we may perceive as less desirable, begin to pull us into deeper Self-work. This is a necessary exploration into balance. We need the dark to appreciate the the light.

October is a time that is meant to show us an introduction of what we can work on while the cooler months approach. Rituals and routines hold us like scaffolding during this time of change that has great potential for self-transformation. We can tend to these shifts by caring for our nervous system by way of salt soaks, self-massage, energy medicine and bodywork. Physically, we can explore the practices of yin and restorative yoga, to help deepen our routines and rituals around self-care. This time of year is also a ripe opportunity to indulge in one-on-one healing sessions for yourself--especially the more gentle modalities of integrative energy healing such as craniosacral therapy.

Photo captured by Mallory Johndrow

Photo captured by Mallory Johndrow


By clearing energetic blockages throughout all aspects of our being, we are better able to navigate the darker months and what may come forward for us to study. Naturally, our nervous system can flow more smoothly creating a lovely foundation for self-work once blockages are addressed. In a place of restoration, we're better able to see ourselves and the world clearly. Restoration is the true nature of what this season can offer us as we gather summer's bounty and prepare for the winter. October holds it's power in showing us we can move and rest at the same time. Finding balance within the duality is the path to optimal healing.


Rachel Lyn Durga

CRYSTAL OF THE MOMENT: Pineapple & Peach Selenite

SUN SIGN: Scorpio

FAVORITE GIFT TO GIVE: Flowers & Potted Plants

FAVORITE GIFT TO RECEIVE: Slow quality time w/ Self & loved ones


Rachel is an integrative healing arts practitioner and advocate for empowerment by way of self-education and aligning with the rhythms of nature and our universe – our nature of earth and cosmic consciousness. She is an integrative bodyworker and intuitive healer with a strong focus on Ayurvedic self-love rituals and modern mysticism. Her healing sessions hold the intention of grounding and nurturance and promotion of balance of the nervous system and energetic alignment with the spirit. She holds a BA in Honors Journalism & Mass Communication from the University of Minnesota where she began adopting alternative and comprehensive wellness at the Center for Spirituality and Healing.


Photos Captured by Jenna Dailey