Yogassage: Yin Yoga + Body Work

Yogassage: Yin Yoga + Body Work


How it began:
Megan attended the National Holistic Institute in San Francisco in 2009, where she found her calling and passion for massage. Megan is also a Certified Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, and Health Coach. As a result, she created a class that combines Yin Yoga and Massage, named Yin Yogassage.

What to expect:

Yin is a very grounding practice, that stretches and opens the muscles and connective tissue by holding poses for 3-5 minutes, and is done seated or lying down. Then for extra benefit she comes around to assist in stretches and massage.  She loves massage and yin, for all of its benefits: helping relieve aches, pains, tension, reducing stress, anxiety, and increasing overall wellness.

You can find Megan at the following locations for Yoga or Massage:

Soul Studio |

Soluna Health and Wellness

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